> Features

Ease of use

  • Clear and intuitive user interface
  • Straightforward architecture of the generated classes

No further software dependencies

  • Just generate the code from your database tables and use it

Clear and extensible architecture

  • Understand the generated architecture and create a Business Logic Layer from scratch in 10 minutes (see Documentation, Learn by example)
  • All generated classes are partial C# classes, so you can extend them easily without touching the generated parts

Supported databases

  • Microsoft Access?/li>
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000?/li>
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005?/li>

Code features

  • Generates partial C# classes to separate the generated code from the individual code
  • No inheritance used, so you can use your own base class
  • Constructors with all required (not nullable) fields
  • Full support of Nullable Types
  • Easy insert und update functionality with a Persist method
  • Automatic retrieval of new auto primary key values
  • Get, TryGet methods for retrieval by primary key values
  • Write your queries in the database vendor's SQL dialect
  • Query results are returned as a typed list (IList<T>)
  • Optimistic locking as concurrency strategy
  • Transactions with individual isolation level
  • Generates Data Transfer Objects with full serialization support (Xml, Soap, Binary)
  • Ready for multi-threading (each thread has its own connection/transaction)
  • Generates Find methods for all properties (take them as examples for your own queries)
  • No stored procedures needed

Fair price

  • Don't pay too much for more than you really need
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